PrimeGov: Enabling Transparent Legislative Work Processes

PrimeGov: Enabling Transparent Legislative Work Processes

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Tom Spengler, Executive Chairman and Sherif Agib, CEO, PrimeGovTom Spengler, Executive Chairman and Sherif Agib, CEO
Ever since the creation of the modern democratic experiment, government in the United States has been following a largely unchanged legislative process. In the 21st century, the challenge for agencies and officials in the government space has been to adopt technology to fit their processes and provide stable, quality service to their constituents. The search for simple and centralized fixes hasn’t been easy, however, because most of the available legislative management solutions are siloed in nature. That’s where Arizona-based PrimeGov steps in. PrimeGov delivers an end-to-end legislative management platform for local government to easily connect with and serve their communities. “What sets us apart is an experienced team working in this industry for 20 years with a real commitment to customer care, support, and outcomes,” states Tom Spengler, Executive Chairman of PrimeGov.

“Our platform, experience, consultative approach, and the relationships and partnerships that we have built enable our clients to operate in a centralized manner,” highlights Sherif Agib, the PrimeGov CEO.

The company’s legislative management platform is comprised of several tools to assist clients in simplifying pre-meeting, during meeting, and post-meeting proceedings. “Our agenda and workflow management tool helps the clerks, the members, and, ultimately, the mayor in automatic approvals, apart from managing agenda items from beginning to end and tracking them throughout the journey,” adds Spengler. The PrimeGov platform enables its clients to consolidate and integrate meetings records and later update their citizens on the proceedings by publicly providing the data within a day. The PrimeGov meeting management tools are unique because they provide a single interface for every aspect of the process: from roll calls to minutes to votes.

PrimeGov is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with strict safety guidelines for assured security. The company also adheres to the requirements of any additional compliance and necessary security certifications. “Any saved document gets a timestamp with version history to help clients refer to previous versions for a seamless check on the workflow,” mentions Spengler. PrimeGov provides more accessible ways for the government staff who manage the official documents to save time and improve accuracy in the legislative process, thus helping to drive more ROI.

The platform has brought automation and ROI to the market, creating transparency with video streaming, securing meeting records, and making the information available online for the benefit of elected officials and the communities they serve.

Our comprehensive platform aids in making local governments successful, helping them provide consistency, stability and the best quality service

“Keeping in mind that every customer has varying needs, we spend time asking pertinent questions to clients to precisely understand their business processes and determine the issues related to use cases, workflows, approvals, and alerting mechanisms,” adds Agib. “Based on what we learn about their processes, we accordingly recommend the ideal tools required for their work processes.” Upon implementation, clients are introduced to their in-support representative and connect with Team PrimeGov through their online portal that provides realtime notifications of any events related to maintenance, enhancements, and customer newsletters.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire world to stay indoors and government officials—from agencies to city and county clerks— have been forced to manage all their appointments, officials, and committees remotely. Any legislative processes that were run through either email or paperwork pushed around the office suddenly have to be accomplished via electronic media. PrimeGov helps government officials across the country broadcast live content in full HD, ADAcompliant videos to ensure residents receive information and services while limiting the spread of COVID-19. For example, PrimeGov is helping the City of Oklahoma City with seamless legislative management technology during this crisis, making sure residents can access essential City services from their homes.

Recently, PrimeGov helped Ventura County get rid of the legacy legislative management systems that were hindering its work; suboptimal support and product integration issues had led to an untenable situation. “When they found our team and saw our product that supported the workflow and was also very strong in terms of functionality and support for the live meeting, they moved forward with us,” extols Spengler. The company is planning to further improve the existing platform with more innovative features to track the happenings on a meeting-bymeeting basis. PrimeGov is building a reputation in the local government space for its leading-edge technology and outstanding customer service. When those elements combine to create improved government processes and service delivery across the United States, it’s a development of which the country’s founders surely would have approved.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Tom Spengler, Executive Chairman and Sherif Agib, CEO

Provides a legislative management platform to help government officials provide consistency, stability and the best quality service to citizens