Carbyne: Heralding the Future of 911

Carbyne: Heralding the Future of 911

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Amir Elichai, CEO & Co-Founder, CarbyneAmir Elichai, CEO & Co-Founder
The story of Carbyne started dramatically when Amir Elichai, Carbyne’s CEO and co-founder, was robbed on a Tel Aviv beach. He called the police, but struggled to get assistance because there wasn’t any street address on the beach, nor any technology-enabled method to provide his location to the authorities. It took nearly 17 minutes for the police to identify his position and actually arrive on the scene. In the ensuing weeks, he decided to create a company that not only delivers advanced IP-enabled communication features and state-of-the-art caller solutions but also emphasizes providing rich, accurate, and insightful data from any connected device to public safety answering points (PSAPs). “In the 21st century, when you order a pizza or call Lyft, they know exactly where you are. But, unfortunately, 911 operators aren’t equipped with similar capabilities. This is how the idea for Carbyne came to life,” asserts Mr. Elichai. Founded in 2014, the company is led by a team of entrepreneurs and technological experts. Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff serve on Carbyne’s Boards. In August of 2018, Carbyne closed their Series B funding round, becoming the first Israeli company to be added to the prestigious Founder’s Fund portfolio.

Mr. Elichai highlights that presently, public safety organizations around the world are running on outdated technology that is often over 20 years old and is poorly built for smartphones and the digital age.

To address this problem, the company has developed a cutting-edge and holistic emergency response ecosystem which provides an upgrade for standard public safety and emergency response infrastructure, revolutionizing the outdated emergency technologies still prevalent in most cities around the world. With Carbyne’s end-to-end, digitized NG911 ecosystem, first response personnel can process and prioritize incoming emergency calls using a wealth of previously unavailable information. Being a global leader in public safety technology, the Carbyne ecosystem can deliver all the necessary information sources relevant to emergency services into one platform. The ecosystem can provide a caller’s location within 6m, along with live video streaming to help prioritize calls and gather information more efficiently. However, for scenarios where a caller may not be able to speak over the phone, the platform provides live chat functionality with 911.

We are taking people into the exciting future of 911. Not only does our tech need to be perfect, but the way we work with clients has to be perfect as well

As Carbyne has grown rapidly, communities around the world—including Mexico City, The State of Israel, Singapore and Fayette County, GA—have benefited from their innovations. In the spring of 2018, a police officer came to the aid of a citizen who had been shot in the hand. The officer called 911 using Carbyne, and the call-taker saw the video of the injury and also the location of the police officer as they were driving toward the hospital. While managing the call, the call-taker noticed that there was an ambulance not far from the route that they were taking and arranged a meet-up between the car and the ambulance within 4 minutes and 43 seconds of the shooting.

The future of Carbyne seems to be exciting as they continue to add clients and new future-facing functionalities. “We are taking people into the exciting future of 911. Not only does our technology need to be perfect, but the way we work with our clients has to be perfect as well,” concludes Mr. Elichai.

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Amir Elichai, CEO & Co-Founder

Carbyne is a leader in public safety, and its intelligent emergency call management platform provides a broad array of real-time data. Carbyne will deliver the world’s best emergency communications ecosystem to public safety agencies following a holistic approach. Their solutions are cloud-native, built with automation and machine learning, empower telecommunicators and first responders, making citizens safer. Clients can use Carbyne’s Public Safety Answering Store™ to tailor their configuration to their specific needs and budget. Entering into IoT, Carbyne brings more and more actionable information into public safety

Carbyne News

SOMA Global Partners With Carbyne to Bring Fully Cloud-native Call-handling and Dispatching Solutions to Public Safety

NEW YORK: SOMA Global, an innovator in cloud-based dispatch software, announced that it is partnering with Carbyne, a global leader in public safety, to build a fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and call handling platform entirely in the cloud.

The increased flexibility and efficiency provided by this cloud-native solution is crucial to dispatch and emergency call handling, where every second counts. The integrated solution allows a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to be established anywhere where there is a secure, high-speed internet connection. Public locations like libraries, municipal buildings or schools can become fully functioning PSAPs in seconds: Call-takers and dispatchers simply need to log in to the platform to be back online.

The SOMA Global partnership with Carbyne expands upon Carbyne's strategy of partnering with cloud-based technology innovators. Carbyne's industry leading NG911 platform is powered by Cisco technology, making it both powerful and adaptable for advanced partner capabilities.

The partnership also opens a great deal of opportunity for improved public safety response. The cloud-native approach taken by these two technology leaders drives enhanced resiliency through an array of diverse routing paths, easier integration with advanced applications, and a cost-effective approach to call handling and dispatch due to the elimination of on-premise servers.

Carbyne, a provider of call handling solutions is proven to be highly effective in a number of global deployments, delivers rich, accurate, insightful data from any connected device to PSAPs, providing call-takers with industry-leading location, live video streaming from smartphones, municipal cameras and drones, voice failover and chat to 911 capabilities. Carbyne's platforms process millions of emergency calls each day for clients around the world.

"There is a great deal of untapped potential in public safety at this time," said Peter Quintas, CEO & Co-Founder of SOMA Global. "The technologies being used in most Emergency Communications Centers are 20+ years old, the enterprise space and the federal government have moved on to more efficient, more flexible and more effective technologies, it is time for public safety to take a huge leap forward. Working together with Carbyne, we see enormous opportunity to provide best-of-breed solutions for public safety."

"We are excited to be working with SOMA Global to help enrich the future of technology in emergency services," said Amir Elichai, CEO & Founder of Carbyne. "At Carbyne we are laser-focused on delivering the best solutions with the best technology partners in the marketplace, partners such as Cisco and AWS. SOMA Global fits that mold perfectly, they are taking an innovative and inspired approach to emergency response technology. Our combined solutions will be a huge leap forward for public safety."

Carbyne Works With Cisco to Make Smart Cities Safer With Next Generation Emergency Services

NEW YORK: Carbyne, a global pioneer in public safety technology, today announced that it is working with Cisco, a global leader in IT and secure networking technology, to deliver cloud-based and IoT-enabled solutions for emergency dispatch centers. As a Cisco Solution Partner, Carbyne's next generation emergency services technology will be offered as an integrated part of Cisco® Kinetic for Cities, a secure IoT data platform that provides automated data sharing across community infrastructure, smart city solutions, applications and connected devices.

Carbyne will be the only 9-1-1 solution available in the Cisco Marketplace, with additional solutions for international emergency numbers, social worker safety and private safety. This new solution will offer emergency service providers the option to choose between a full cloud-based call-handling ecosystem, or an NG911 rich data plugin for legacy systems. Neither option requires any replacement of existing solutions or infrastructure.
Carbyne delivers rich, accurate, insightful data from any connected device to emergency dispatch centers, providing responders with highly accurate location services, real-time video streaming, voice over IP, chat, and other potentially life-saving information. Integrating Carbyne's solution with Cisco will allow local, government-run IoT devices and sensors to interact and share data – serving as a crucial source of information for emergency responders. The connected infrastructure and components enhance situational awareness for first responders, improve resource allocation, reduce decision-making time, and decrease errors. All these upgrades to emergency systems help bolster responsiveness to citizens' needs.

Cisco® Kinetic for Cities aims to improve operational effectiveness, promote flexibility, create opportunities and reduce risk for ongoing smart city projects. The cloud-based platform and Carbyne's public safety solution will allow emergency dispatch centers to be established in remote locations – anywhere with an internet connection – and ensure functionality even during emergency incidents and disasters. Cisco's integrated security portfolio provides added layers of security to keep assets and caller data safe.

"We are thrilled to build our unique public safety solution with Cisco's technology, bringing safer environments to communities looking to expand their smart cities capabilities and leverage existing investment," said Amir Elichai, CEO and Founder of Carbyne. "Together with Cisco, we will provide government agencies and emergency services the tools they need to harness advanced digital technologies for the safety of their citizens. As a global partner, we are benefitting from this relationship by enhancing the distribution of our next generation emergency services solutions across the world. This partnership with one of the global leaders in technology represents a huge vote of confidence in our lifesaving solutions. Together with Cisco, Carbyne is introducing the best next generation call handling solution in the world."

"The new solution establishes a secure cloud-delivered, geographically-survivable, and scalable emergency communications capability. By leveraging Cisco's market leading collaboration and contact center solutions, this cooperation delivers critical interoperability between Carbyne and Cisco's IoT data platform, Kinetic for Cities, for unprecedented community insights that keep citizens safer, informed, and more connected," said Craig Coale, Senior Advisor for Public Safety and Defense at Cisco. "This is the next evolution of public safety."