VMS Communications: More Effective Communication with a Wider Populace

VMS Communications: More Effective Communication with a Wider Populace

Vidal Cadena, CEO, VMS CommunicationsVidal Cadena, CEO
The government’s current method of using AMBER Alerts and emergency broadcasting to relay urgent warnings that galvanize increased community participation is simply not enough. The reach of a television or radio broadcast is limited to those actually watching or listening at that moment. Also, a simple text does not provide enough information to empower individuals to react quickly and effectively. However, in the case of AMBER alerts, “Suppose all the citizens in the area were to be sent a video alert on their phones with the abductor’s details and/or traffic camera footage of getaway cars, then nailing down the culprit will be far easier. Leveraging the power of video creates a swift and effective communication platform,” states Vidal Cadena, CEO of VMS Communications. VMS Communications’ video-based mobile content distribution platform enables brands, governments, politicians, and NGOs to directly communicate with a large number of people through SMS for delivering alerts, political messages or promotional events, substantially improving the coverage of information.

Cadena explained, “Most people are on their phones more so than other devices and, according to industry data, 95 percent of SMS are opened within three minutes of being received. In fact, videos have the most attention-grabbing power. There is no other communication tool as effective as a VMS.” VMS can collaborate with all types of content industries to create an effective and compelling video message. The videos are shared through SMS using a link attached with a text highlighting the contents featured in the video link. Cadena’s team has developed a video format that uses up to 85 percent less data and works not only with smartphones, but also basic phones. “Our solution helps deliver video messages to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid—areas with less penetration of smartphones and limited internet-access—to considerably improve the broadcasting of information to a wider audience,” states Cadena.

Most people are attached to their phones and 95 percent of the SMS are opened within three minutes of being received. There is no other communication tool as effective as a VMS

To better serve their clients, the VMS solution integrates with their information database to share video content to targeted demographics. This enables the clients to track various metrics on the targeted audiences such as ‘how many of them clicked the video link?’, ‘how many found the information useful?’, and ‘how many re-shared the content with other people?’ The users that the content was re-shared with are supplied with additional information, thus increasing the client’s database and audience. VMS understands the importance of privacy and enables its end-users to unsubscribe from receiving further information if they decide against it.

The platform has proven to be extremely useful in multiple cases and can be leveraged by governmental entities to broadcast essential information during natural disasters or state emergencies. Politicians and political parties are the other entities that can utilize this platform to connect to a wider range of voters to promote their political agendas and offerings. Likewise, NGOs can leverage the platform to broaden their educational services to remote areas as well as bring awareness regarding harmful diseases and geopolitical situation pertaining to a particular area.

Recently VMS has collaborated with Scholas Occurrentes, an education and peace organization established by the current pontiff—Pope Francis— to engage the youth. They have also become a part of the One for All campaign of United Nations to help them spread the goals of sustainable development and basic rights to far-flung areas and larger groups. VMS engages with celebrities and sportspersons to monetize the content they share online. For instance, they have been working for years with Cristiano Ronaldo and some major soccer clubs to help them reach a wider fan base.

Cadena is helming VMS toward a prosperous future and is now collaborating with various leading banks and insurance companies to bring forth the utility of SMS into the BFIS space.

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Vidal Cadena, CEO

VMS Communications is a technology and digital marketing company that creates and manages client-owned databases using highly effective direct communication channels to meet clients’ goals. They offer technology and information management solutions for highly efficient communication with customers or followers. VMS Communications helps celebrities, sports teams, media channels, and other content owners deliver and manage their data, understand their users and followers, and obtain profits that are usually kept by social networking websites. Building loyalty while monetizing one’s own content is simple when using a single intelligent central database