Epicenter Media & Training: New-age Emergency Management Consultants

Epicenter Media & Training: New-age Emergency Management Consultants

Christopher Tarantino, CEO, Epicenter Media & TrainingChristopher Tarantino, CEO
It has been a busy Monday afternoon for Christopher Tarantino, the CEO of Epicenter Media & Training. His team has been brainstorming the design of a workshop for one of its public safety technology clients on the educational marketing side of the company that focuses on customer success programming. “We have been developing a training exercise for this private sector client to bring together different participants from disparate backgrounds and industries to showcase how they can intersect, collaborate, and innovate during an emergency,” he explains. At the intersection of multiple industries, this type of workshop is exceptionally unique.

Founded in 2013, Epicenter Media & Training’s mission is to drive public and private sector organizations to adopt new technologies and build their resilience from the inside through transformative design thinking and results-driven change. Their approaches to emergency management, continuity, training, and technology are built on a foundation of diversity and extensive experience. “Everything we do is geared toward our core values and the belief that resilience and innovation go hand-in-hand,” says Tarantino.

The public safety sector today faces an overwhelming amount of technical information available from a variety of sources. This has made it imperative for organizations to partner with a technical translator, such as Epicenter, to assist in educating stakeholders and highlighting the benefits of emerging technologies. Epicenter Media & Training provides its clients and partners with world-class training, technology systems consulting as well as on-demand, on-site crisis and emergency management support. The company also works with private emergency technology vendors to help educate and engage their consumers effectively to develop and grow their businesses. This service assists product managers in presenting use cases and technology to fill gaps and enhance existing capabilities. “We empower them to refine their technology and also the way they design content and resources for their audience.

That is how we tie the agency’s educational and marketing expertise together,” adds Tarantino. By taking a multi-faceted approach, Epicenter Media & Training lays extra emphasis on adoption of technology and innovation in the emergency management arena in an efficient manner to ensure that better outcomes are achieved.

To assist clients with marketing and customer success programming, Epicenter Media & Training follows a unique, modified methodology to help agencies with their educational campaigns. The firm educates both technology users and developers on the needs and considerations inherent to disaster management and emergency response operations. Other core technology programs highlight the firm’s social media expertise through training and exercise programs for both Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) and Social Media Analysis & Response Teams (SMART); both programs develop world-class social media monitoring teams to assist organizations in staying ahead of and responding to a disaster and both are one-of-a-kind. While VOST is a flexible, tested solution to public information management needs in the government sector, SMART addresses these needs at university, healthcare, corporate and other organizations. Through these comprehensive training & exercise packages, Epicenter Media & Training partners with local, county, state, regional, or private agencies to create a sophisticated, virtual team and force-multiplier. Epicenter Media & Training has also helped numerous organizations in developing these technical competencies.

To support ongoing disaster operations around the world (both virtually and in-person), the company deploys Epicenter Deployment Support Unit (EDSU), an extension of Epicenter Media & Training that supplements and enhances the technological, communication and strategic capabilities of organizations during critical events and incidents. With SMEs, trusted technologists, emergency managers and their expertise, the EDSU can be deployed as a task-force to perform mission-critical functions such as weather decision support, mapping, social media monitoring, just-in-time training, etc. or as a single resource to augment the capabilities of an existing incident structure.

The Epicenter Media & Training team is marked by their flexibility. With personnel supporting active disaster zones in Puerto Rico, others designing training content for public sector clients, and still others conducting assessments and exercises at university campuses, every week brings new challenges and partnerships. “Emergency management is not only about understanding the basics, it’s also about the implementation. That is where the Epicenter team excels,” says Tarantino, signing off.

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Epicenter Media & Training

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Christopher Tarantino, CEO

Transforming the organizations and highlight core competencies in new, unique ways, Epicenter Media & Training is a partner in the digital age Consulting services including course delivery/instruction, curriculum development, emergency management, plan and procedure development, communications strategy and management, technology and systems reviews, exercises/evaluation, leadership program development, community outreach, digital analytics, project/program management, event marketing and management, etc. within the emergency management, homeland security, non-profit, and business industries. Founded in 2013, Epicenter’s clients include, federal, state, and local emergency management agencies like businesses, hospitals, universities, and technology partners